Our Mission Statement

Golden Meadow Upper Elementary will prepare all students for academic success!



124 North Third Street, Golden Meadow, LA 70357

Upcoming Events:

  • Up with Teachers Luncheon

    Golden Meadow Upper Elementary School
  • Crazy Hair for 5 Paw Points

    Golden Meadow Upper Elementary School
  • Extra Recess and Pizza

    Extra Recess is $1 and Pizza is $2 per slice.  Students may dress down on this day with any purchase.

    Golden Meadow Upper Elementary School
  • Hot Cocoa for 5 Paw Points

    Golden Meadow Upper Elementary School
  • Santa Shop Begins

    Golden Meadow Upper Elementary School
  • Grinch Night

    Golden Meadow Upper Elementary School
  • Santa Shop Ends

    Golden Meadow Upper Elementary School
  • World's Finest Chocolate Basketball Show

    This is by invitation only

    Golden Meadow Upper Elementary School
  • Winter Carnival

    Golden Meadow Upper Elementary School
  • Christmas Cards and Candy Canes on Sale

    This will continue until December 20th.  They cost from 0.25 cents to 0.50 cents each

    Golden Meadow Upper Elementary School
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November 18-22

 This Week:


November 20-Up with Teachers Luncheon

November 21- Crazy Hair 5 Paw Points

November 22-Extra Recess for $1 donation and Pizza $2 for a slice.  Students can dress down with a purchase of either


Next Week:


We are out for Thanksgiving break from November 25-November 29th

We return to school on December 2, 2019

December 3rd-Hot Cocoa for 5 Paw Points

December 4th-Santa Shop Begins. 

December 6th-Grinch Night will be from 3:30 p.m. to 6: 00 p.m.


Note for Parents and Guardians of GMUES Students:

                 There is a parent culture survey that has been designed to assess the school culture in your child's school. It is important that all parents at the school participate in the survey in order to obtain a complete view of the school culture. None of the information will be linked with your identity or your child's identity in any way.  If you agree to the survey, the letter and link is in our Quick Links section on our Home Page. 













GMUES Parent Resources

Golden Meadow Upper Elementary has a Parent Resource Center display in the front entrance of the school.  

School Highlights and Wonderful Holiday Memories

2019-2020 School Supply Lists

Faculty & Staff

Meet our faculty and staff.

3rd Grade Teachers

4th Grade Teachers

5th Grade Teachers

Special Education Teachers

Office & Custodial Staff

Other Faculty and Staff



Cyberbullying & Sexting

Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre, Superintendent of Schools, Jo Ann Matthews, and District Attorney Camille A. Morvant, II, are warning parents and children about the dangers of sending or receiving explicit photos or messages through texting and social media as part of a new public awareness campaign. The campaign is designed to educate citizens about the social and legal consequences associated with crimes like “sexting” and “cyberbullying,” and to encourage parents to pay attention to what their children are doing online.  More information on cyberbully and sexting can be found on the Lafourche Parish School District Website Homepagehttp://www.lpsd.k12.la.us/ as well as on the Office of Child Welfare and Attendance Website.  If you have any further questions and/or concerns please contact the school board office.




8:00   Doors Open

8:25  Breakfast Ends/Report to Homeroom

8:30   Class Begins

1:20-1:35 Recess

3:30   School Dismissal



Uniform Policy

Red or White collared oxford or polo style shirts

Khaki shorts, skorts, skirts, jumpers, or pants

Socks must be visible above the shoe and must be solid in color.  Red, white, khaki, or black socks are allowed at GMUES.

Shoes must be closed in the front and back and must have ties or straps.

Click this link to see the complete Lafourche Parish School Board's dress code policy. dress code.jpg 

To Report Child Abuse and Neglect

To report child abuse and neglect, call the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) child protection hotline at

1-855-4LA-KIDS (1-855-452-5437) toll free 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Education of Students with Exceptionalties

Louisiana School and Student Safety Act

The Lafourche Parish School Board is committed to providing a safe environment for the students and employees of its schools. The school board shall take immediate action to address any potential threats of violence or terrorism to students and employees as required by the Louisiana School and Student Safety Act. (La. Rev. Stat. Ann.§17:409-17:409.5)

 Elementary training videos

Learn Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle and the Wing Team

NetSafe Episode 3:  Tell an Adult

NetSmartzKids- It’s OK to Tell

SHP_Say_Something_Presentation_Web Version.pptx