3rd Grade Teachers

Mrs. Roychelle Plaisance

Ms. Tamara Doucet

Mrs. Annette Raines

Upcoming Special Events:

As time progresses, it will get easier for students to be able to keep track of their study guides, homework, etc.   If your child has misplaced or lost their study guide or homework, please feel free to print a copy from our class page.  I will try my best to stay on top of adding weekly or at least a few days before the test to help us all out.   Thanks.


This week, we will not have a study guide for Social Living.  This week's lesson is on Defining Culture, and it covers being able to research text as well as use primary sources to help you find answers.  All the answers will be on the test, and I can tell you that most children do not do well with "open tests".  I have added the different cultural sheets we will be using in class as well as the organizer if you want to further practice with your child at home.  We will be working on this all this week leading up to the test on Friday.


Also, if you have not already joined Class Dojo, please do so.  The kids love it, and it has a class portfolio page where we will be adding pictures from time to time to share throughout the year as well as we share on our Facebook page as well.  Class Dojo helps parents to see how their child is behaving in class as well as we add daily or weekly reminders on it as well to keep parents informed.


Thanks again for all you do and if you have any questions or concerns, please always remember to either send one of us an email or a Class Dojo message.